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What Are Newsgroups?

What are Newsgroups Newsgroups are a unique media for information exchange. Ever since the Usenet network was introduced more than three decades ago, it has grown steadily and has become a very attractive place for discussions and file sharing. Newsgroups can be generally divided in two categories – text and binary. The text groups are […]

Newsgroup Messages Explained

What Is A Newsgroup Message? A newsgroup message is a term that refers to the content of a newsgroup article, or post. There are many names for that entity but newsgroup message is one that is commonly used among participants in the Usenet community. What Do Newsgroup Messages Contain? A newsgroup message can be either […]

Newsgroup Web Browser Access

What is a Newsgroup Web Gateway? The concept is simple; a newsgroup Web gateway is just an access point to the Usenet newsgroups through a web browser. A web browser, of course, is your every day tool that you use to surf the Internet. A couple examples of free Internet browsers that everyone can download […]

Subscribing To and Joining Newsgroups

Why Do You Need to Join Newsgroups in Usenet? Joining various newsgroups in Usenet sounds like it may be more complicated that it actually is. Unlike other online discussion groups and forums, where you actually have to create a member profile and tell everyone else who you are, in Usenet, it is much simpler, easier, […]

Usenet Newsgroup List

Viewing Newsgroups A newsgroup list can be viewed in a few different ways. It can be viewed with an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, MSN, or Safari. You can also view the newsgroup list with a 3rd party program like a newsreader or some type of binary grabber. Most newsreaders […]

Public Usenet Servers

What is a Public Server? Public Servers are servers that allow the general public access to Usenet and can post articles for free. There are many sites that list these public servers. You can read the articles off of these sites or through a newsreader (a program to help find and organize newsgroups and servers). […]

What is Usenet?

Early Days of Usenet Let us start from the beginning shall we? What is Usenet? Usenet is the set of machines that exchange articles tagged with one or more universally-recognized labels, called newsgroups. As for administration of Usenet only the website that Usenet is coming through can be administered. Every administer controls his own site. […]

Non Moderated Newsgroups

What are Non Moderated Newsgroups? First, newsgroups are the places where you can post and share messages on Usenet. Basically, a non moderated newsgroup is a newsgroup that is completely unrestricted with it’s access. A non moderated newsgroup does not have to worry about censorship from internet service providers or governments. Benefits of Non Moderated […]

What Is Usenet Spam?

What Is Newsgroup Spam? We’re talking about spam and not the meat in the can. In the most basic definition spam is anything that is wasted bandwidth with excessively quoted material. Spam is a stupid thread of meaningless junk like “Make Money Fast” or other bogus things they try to get you to buy or […]

Recreational Usenet Hierarchy Newsgroups

Recreational Newsgroups A group that falls under the BIG-8 hierarchy are the rec.* groups. These groups include anything that is oriented towards the arts, hobbies, and recreational activities. Rec.* is a very broad hierarchy and has many other hierarchies that are under it. Some of the main hierarchies that are included in rec.* are: rec.arts, […]

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