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I ❤️ Love Usenet Special Offer

It’s February and Valentine’s day is fast approaching. What better way to celebrate than to sign up for a Fast Usenet Unlimited account 😊. Sign up between now and the end of February and you’ll get Unlimited Usenet service for only $5.95/month… no strings attached. This discounted rate will last for the life of your […]

Guide to Usenet Newsgroups

Think of a Newsgroup as a category of discussion, where people with similar interests get together to discuss a specific topic. The variety of Newsgroup topics is vast; you can find Newsgroups pertaining to everything from your favorite soap opera to the most advanced theoretical scientific discussions.

European Specific Newsgroups

What are the European Newsgroups? What the term “European Newsgroups” refers to are all the newsgroups that contain discussions in one of the many languages spoken on the European continent. German Belgian Spanish French Dutch UK (Britain) Swedish Countries With Usenet Hierarchies There are separate newsgroup hierarchies for the speakers of different languages specific to […]

Newsgroup Hierarchies (Categories)

There is the Big 8 hierarchy of newsgroups, which contains 8 famous groups of newsgroups. The “Big Eight,” most common first-level categories. More specific newsgroup categories include: can.* (Canadian groups), k12.* (kinder garden to grade 12 discussions), etc.

3,650 Days Usenet Retention

Current Retention Time Retention is now at 3,650 days and growing. We have new computer hardware coming in all the time and we are constantly upgrading our servers. Retention won’t stop growing anytime soon so check back often and see what our current retention rates have grown too. Fast Usenet Retention Fast Usenet, a premium provider […]

GrabIt v1.7.5 Released

GrabIt version 1.7.5 has been released. The latest version of GrabIt includes an important bug fix for all Fast Usenet members. The previous version of GrabIt stopped returning search results in some newsgroups prior to November 2017. This fix moves GrabIt to 64bit IDs which is required as GrabIt search has grown to over 4,294,967,295 […]

New Website Launches

We are excited to announce the release of our new website. When we started the redesign process about a year ago we had big ideas. We wanted to improve navigation and user experience. We wanted the website to be faster and easier to use, and after a year of hard work we are excited to release what we believe is a much-improved design.

Usenet Free Trial Offer

Fast Usenet offers a competitive one-time, 14-day free trial with 15GB download limit. After the free trial, you can easily rollover to the selected bandwidth limit you selected during signup. Our free trial is one of the best out there—you get ample time to decide if Fast Usenet is for you and a generous download […]

New High Speed Server

Today (May 6th, 2014) Fast Usenet launched a new high speed server to our already impressive Usenet infrastructure. The new server will add additional bandwidth capacity to help us provide the fastest experience possible. As bandwidth speeds continue to increase year by year we are dedicated to increasing performance of our network to keep up […]

Choosing A Usenet Provider

Finding the Right Usenet Service Completion, speed, number of newsgroups carried, retention, web interface, number of servers, unlimited downloads and quality of support are just a few of the things you should look for when shopping for a Usenet/newsgroup provider. For those of you who are not sure what each specific term refers to, here […]

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