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Newsgroup Censorship

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What is Censorship?

Censorship is the act of examining books, movies, films, web pages, or other material and the subsequent removal or suppression of what is considered morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable. Many different people from many different areas read and use the news in Usenet. That means that there could be thousands or millions of articles that could be considered objectionable by someone, flowing through the Usenet network at any time.

What is Newsgroup Censorship?

Newsgroup censorship would be the act of reading one group and filtering out the objectionable material. The majority of groups in the Usenet network are open to the public. Anyone at any time can post their opinion. While these opinions are not endorsed by Fastusenet.org, we do nothing to suppress the personal expression of people’s ideas. Moderated groups are under a different set of rules though. A designated person called a moderator controls each moderated group. The moderator is notified when any new articles are posted. The moderator can at any time choose which new posts users will view and which posts will never go to the group.

How Does Fastusenet.org Handle Newsgroup Censorship?

While Fastusenet.org tries to make every user’s use of Usenet enjoyable, we do not check or monitor every article that gets posted to our servers. There are over 120,000 groups in the Usenet network and policing of the network is impossible. Fastusenet.org does not censor user posts in any way. Basically it is impossible to read through every message that gets posted to just one group, let alone every group in the Usenet network. We do answer every complaint that we get about offensive articles. If any user sees objectionable content, they may send an e-mail to support (at) fastusenet dot org.

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