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Linux Usenet Newsgroups

Usenet is probably one of the main reasons Linux exists today. Linux newsgroups are an excellent forum of collaboration among the hundreds of thousands of Linux developers worldwide. It is imperative for such forum to exist in order to facilitate the growth and improvement of the Linux OS over time.

There are numerous Linux newsgroups which are focused on developer discussions and are primarily holding text articles. These groups are very popular with developers around the world and usually host hundreds of thousands of articles distributed into topic threads. These Linux newsgroups are also archived continuously by Google so they are available for free to all developers around the world with archived posts going back many years.

There are also Linux newsgroups focused on binary sharing. They are an excellent medium for downloading the latest available bits of Linux and other free apps. Another set of Linux newsgroups are focused on advocacy for the free platform and are extremely important for communicating the ideas behind the free software initiative. Yet another excellent Linux sharing forum is the local Linux groups which are focused on discussion in specific geographies. These groups allow people to share ideas and comments in their native language; they destroy the language barriers that could slow down the evolution of Linux in the long run.

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