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Usenet Moderated FAQs

In the world of Usenet, FAQ’s are a vital part of a newsgroup. The FAQ or ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ is sometimes used as a help file for the newsgroup. The FAQ includes a list of rules and guidelines to follow in that certain newsgroup, also the definition of what the group is all about. Moderation in a group is simply viewing a message before it is posted and deciding whether or not it should be there. The moderator of the group (if there is one) is selected as the keeper of the FAQ and will update it periodically as well as approve messages that are waiting to be posted to that newsgroup. So, as you can see moderation and FAQ’s kind of go hand in hand.

The acronym “FAQ” is sometimes described as “Frequently Answered Questions” as well. This isn’t necessarily correct, but it isn’t necessarily wrong either. It essentially has the same meaning. The compilation of all of the questions on a FAQ is referred to as a FAQ list or a FAQ article. The term FAQ is sometimes used to refer to an article, for example this essay could be considered a FAQ about FAQ’s. Sometimes the FAQ’s are full of answers or just policy statements regarding Usenet groups

Moderation is basically a way of monitoring a newsgroup and making sure that what is posted there is not off-topic or cross-posted. The moderator receives the post as an e-mail message before it is posted. Once the moderator approves the post, it is then posted to the actual newsgroup (or not posted, if the post is declined). Some people confuse moderation with censorship but the two have nothing in common. A moderator is just somebody who keeps the group clean and flowing smoothly, making sure only things that people want to read are in there. So, moderation is not at all as negative as some people may imagine it.

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