Usenet Retention

What is Usenet Retention?

Retention is the amount of time a Usenet service provider keeps files saved on their servers. For example, if a file is posted to our servers today, Fast Usenet has 5,790+ days of file retention, the posted file will be available on our network for 5,790+ days from the original post date.

After the 5,790+ day time period the file will be dropped (deleted) to make room for newly posted information. This is an example of a transitory network.

hard drive inside

How Are Files Saved? What is Peering?

Usenet servers are built of hundreds of computer systems from different providers all over the World. When a file is posted to Usenet it's encoded and stored in a way that allows the system to easily locate the file again and serve it to the user so they can download it. Text and binary files are stored on servers usually called spools. Usenet users connect to front end servers, which then communicate with the storage spools to send the information to the user.

Usenet Server Peering: When a file is posted to one service provider it's then sent out to all the connected providers throughout the World. This allows information posted by different Usenet services to share information in a process known as peering. For example, if a message is posted to Usenet provider #1 and provider #1 has a peering relationship with provider #2, shortly after the message is posted to provider #1 it will be sent over to provider #2.

Why Retention & Peering Are Important

The more retention a Usenet provider has is directly related to the amount of hard drives, computer hardware, and storage software that they use.

At Fast Usenet we use the latest computer technology and have thousands of hard drives that achieve files everyday that are posted to the newsgroups from different providers around the World.

Fast Usenet uses proprietary storage software that allows us to store more information for a longer period of time… thus allowing us to provide a higher retention rate to our users. We also peer with hundreds to other providers, which in turn allows us to have the most complete Usenet archive.

Download Speeds & Retention

Retention is an important part of Usenet, but we believe that if your downloads aren't blazing fast then you aren't getting the best experience.

Fast Usenet has developed specialized software for storing information on our servers. This software allows us to deliver downloads to our users at unbeatable speeds. Visit our Usenet network page to learn why our network is better.

Files posted 5,790+ days ago will download as fast as files posted today! Sign up for our free trial today and see why our retention and downloads speeds outperform other leading providers.