Secure Usenet Connections

Usenet SSL Connections

Fast Usenet offers SSL connections with all of our Usenet plans, but what does SSL connectivity mean for you? SSL stands for secure socket layer and is encryption technology that prevents third parties from being able to see the information as it travels across the Internet.

SSL has been used for many years by websites that require an additional level of security such as banking institutions and credit card companies.

How Does SSL Work

SSL works by encrypting information using various methods of encryption. When information leaves our Usenet network it's encrypted as it travels across the Internet. When the information arrives at your location your newsreader decrypts the information, which then allows you to view and use the downloaded information.

Why SSL Encryption is Important

Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) place limits on the amount of information you can download in a given month or specified time frame. Fast Usenet's secure SSL encryption technology makes it difficult for your ISP to monitor and limit your downloading activity.

When utilizing our SSL encryption service various techniques of limiting your bandwidth activity such as deep packet inspection, traffic shaping and bandwidth throttling become increasingly difficult. Encrypting your Usenet traffic prevents third parties from intercepting the information along the Internet pipes which makes Usenet more secure and private.

How Do I Setup SSL Service

Setting up and accessing Usenet through our SSL server is simple. First you must use a newsreader that allows SSL encrypted connections. Fast Usenet offers all of our members a free, customized version of GrabIt newsreader that has Unlimited search and can be setup with secure connections.

Next when configuring the server address in your newsreader enter, then enable secure connections and make sure to use port 563 instead of the default port 119. Once these settings are configured in your newsreader you are all setup and ready to use SSL connections with Fast Usenet service.