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Is Your ISP Limiting Usenet Downloads?

ISP Usenet Bandwidth Throttling

Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) have implemented what is best known as traffic shaping or bandwidth throttling to help lower the resources used on their networks. To counter these tactics used by ISP’s Usenet providers such as Fastusenet.org have implemented secure socket layer connections (SSL) that use alternative routes on the Internet that most ISP don’t monitor or shape the traffic for. That’s why 99% of our users are able to access Usenet using their Internet connections full download potential.

Let’s say for example you have Usenet access with a Usenet provider who only offers the standard Usenet port connections (port 119 and 563). ISP’s know these ports are used for Usenet connections and implement traffic shaping to reduce speeds which lessens the burden on their network. But wait…  If you’re paying for Internet access shouldn’t you be able to use it how you want. If you want to download at your Internet full speed everyday shouldn’t you be able too. At Fastusenet.org we think you should.

Connections At Fast Usenet

That’s why Fast Usenet offers over 7 different ports you can use to connect to our Usenet service with. We don’t think it’s fair that ISP can limit your download speeds, and that’s why we are here to help. Another great tool for checking if your ISP limits your download speed is located at broadband.mpi-sws.org.

They offer a tool which takes about 5-6 minutes to run which will help your determine if your Internet Provider is limiting your online access. We suggest you visit that link if your Usenet connection doesn’t seem as fast as it should be.

If you’re looking for the fastest Usenet service possible signup for our 14 day 15 gigabyte free trial and see why more and more people are choosing Fastusenet.org everyday for their Usenet service. If you aren’t completely satisfied within the trial period simply cancel your account and you won’t be charged any further. Click here to sign-up for our free trial and we’ll see you on Usenet.

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