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Usenet Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and we have answers. The FAQ section is packed full of answers to your most common questions. Many of the questions we receive everyday are answered here, but if you can't find the answer you are looking for please contact our friendly support staff.

General Questions

Usenet is a Worldwide bulletin board system that predates the Internet. It was developed in 1980 at Duke University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis. For more information please visit our What is Usenet section.

Fast Usenet is a World-Wide Usenet service provider that provides fast, reliable, and secure Usenet services to members around the World.

You can access the Usenet servers using the following easy to remember addresses:

  • (USA)
  • (Europe)
  • (Secure)

* Our Europe server supports both secure and non-secure connections.

Absolutely Not... At Fast Usenet you can access Usenet at whatever speeds your Internet service is capable of.
Fast Usenet has been providing top quality Usenet service for many years and because we've been in the business as long as we have, we know what customers are looking for. We pride our service in being fast, secure, and reliable. Sign up for our free trial today and see why Fast Usenet is one of the best Usenet providers in the World!
Yes. We offer billing support via our 1-800 number. Technical support is only handled through our online support system. If you have questions about billing please contact one of our customer service agents at 1-888-415-7781. They are standing by to help.
Account Questions
Fast Usenet offers a variety of plans large enough to suit the needs of just about any customer - all while being affordable. You might be a power user who wants an Unlimited account, or a new user looking to get started. We offer 4 great plans which are sure to meet everyone's needs.
Unlike some Usenet providers, Fast Usenet offers SSL encrypted connections with all plans at no additional cost. When setting up your newsreader just make sure to use and port 563. Learn more about SSL Usenet.
Unused bandwidth does not rollover. At the beginning of each billing cycle you will get the same amount of bandwidth, regardless of how much bandwidth you used the previous cycle.
If you go over your bandwidth you will be locked out of the server until your next billing period. To check when your billing period will renew please visit the members area.
Because of our high security protection on your credit card information, the easiest method to either upgrade or downgrade your current account is to cancel and sign up for the account of your choice.
Canceling your membership is easy. Simply log into the Fast Usenet members area and click the link to "Cancel". Your account will then expire on the final billing date of your membership and you will not be billed any further.
Checking your bandwidth usage is easy. Simply log into the members area using your personalized username and password. From within the members area you can view how much bandwidth you have used for the current billing cycle and how much bandwidth you have remaining.
We do not and cannot log what you download. All we can see is the volume of information that you download, not the content. We also offers SSL encrypted connections to help protect your privacy when using our Usenet server. Learn how SSL Usenet works.
No. We only allow connection from one IP address at a time. For example if you are connected from one computer and attempt to connect from another computer with a different IP address the second connection will be refused.

If you want to use our service on multiple computers at your house/office you are allowed to do so, as long as the computers are connecting using the same network/IP address.
Technical Questions
SSL-Encryption is a method for protecting your information as you use your Usenet account.
Fast Usenet allows 50 connections to our servers for all account plans for maximum download speeds.
From within the members area you can access both the iPhone and web newsreaders. Use your personalized username and password to access the web newsreader. To access the Mobile Newsreader visit the link from the member's area and register your username and password from within the Mobile Newsreader interface.
Posting privileges are disabled by default with all new accounts. If you would like to post you must submit a support request to authorize posting with your account. Please remember to include your username when contacting support.
Billing Questions
Currently, Fast Usenet accepts the following major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. We also accept payments via PayPal. If your have suggestions for payment options we should offer please let us know.
Yes. We offer a one time 14 day 15GB free trial. Our free trial allows you to test out our service before becoming a member. Click here to take advantage of the free trial offer.
Yes. We accept for payment. You can use PayPal to signup for one of our monthly service plans or our free trial offer.

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