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Binary File Decompressor

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Binary File De-Compressor

A binary decompress or, also known as a binary compressor (since it does both compressing and decompressing), is simply a binary encoding/decoding program such as WinZip or WinRar. Those software applications are generally known as file compression programs in layman’s terms but the process is more commonly known as encoding and decoding in the Usenet community.

The goal of this is to combine the parts of multi-part binary files that have been posted in Usenet, in order to get one big comprehensive, meaningful file that can be played, watched, or executed, depending on the type of file it is. Most commonly, large movie, mp3, software, or game files need to be broken down in multiple smaller parts in order to be posted and then downloaded in Usenet. This is needed because the w messages have a limit to their size and cannot hold the entire big files.

Breaking files down and recombining them, however, is no big deal, with the use of a binary decompressor/compressor. You just basically need to select the files that you wish to compress or decompress and the binary decompressor will do the rest for you. Some newsreaders have this technology built in them but it is generally a good idea to have at least one binary decompressor around. Plus, you can get the most popular binary decompressors from the Internet for free so it doesn’t hurt to download one if you are into posting and downloading huge binaries from Usenet.

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