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Guide to Usenet Newsgroups

Think of a Newsgroup as a category of discussion, where people with similar interests get together to discuss a specific topic. The variety of Newsgroup topics is vast; you can find Newsgroups pertaining to everything from your favorite soap opera to the most advanced theoretical scientific discussions.

Usenet Newsreaders for Accessing Newsgroups

Brief History Of Usenet Newsreaders In 1980’s, the World was blessed with an exciting new means to communicate. This is when Usenet was created by two young and smart Duke Graduates named Jim Ellis and Tom Truscott. This new means of communicating server to server using the NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) was designed for […]

Spam, Flamers, Trolls | Proper Usenet Etiquette

What is Usenet Spam? By now, we all know that the term SPAM is used to describe a very negative occurrence that plagues the Internet today. Unfortunately, it also plagues the Usenet community. It seems like nothing is immune to spam these days. Usenet spam comes in many different shapes and forms but essentially it […]

Guidelines for Posting Messages to Newsgroups

Rules for Posting Messages to the Newsgroups There are certain unwritten rules about newsgroup posting that we would like to write here and make you aware of so you can learn how to post responsibly. Many users (especially new Usenet users) do not know what is appropriate when posting and what isn’t. That is why […]

Usenet Binary Files Explained

Usenet Binary Files History of Binary Files Multi-Part Binaries Combing Binaries Downloading Binaries Encoding Binaries Extracting Files PAR Files PAR Software Usenet binaries are a type of file that is widely used in the Usenet community. Usenet binaries take up a good majority of the Usenet information out there. A binary file is basically a […]

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