Newsbin Pro Windows Tutorial

Newsbin Pro Newsreader for Windows

Newsbin Pro is a great Usenet newsreader that have been in development since 1995. It automatically combines complicated multi-part binary posts to create one file and includes many options for organizing your downloaded files.

Newsbin Pro Step 1

Step 1: Setup Wizard

Visit the official Newsbin Pro website to download the setup file. After the file has downloaded, launch the setup process to continue.

Newsbin Pro Step 2

Step 2: License Agreement

Read through the license agreement. If you agree with the term select “I Agree”.

Newsbin Pro Step 3

Step 3: Installation Options

Choose the installation options here. If you are familiar with previous version of Newsbin Pro and prefer the older layouts you can change it here. Other familiar installation options can also be set here.

Newsbin Pro Step 4

Step 4: Installation Destination

Here you can change your installation folder. The default folder is Program Files, Newsbin.

Newsbin Pro Step 5

Step 5: Set Data Folder

Now we need to set our data folder. As stated in the installer “All downloaded post headers will be stored here, along with other data files Newsbin will be creating and using”. If you are installing on an SSD and have an alternative drive with more storage you might want to use the larger drive. Click “Next” when ready.

Newsbin Pro Step 6

Step 6: News Server Name

Time to setup up our Usenet server. Enter a name to reference the service you are setting up. In this tutorial, we are using “Fast Usenet”.

Newsbin Pro Step 7

Step 7: Usenet Server Address

Enter in the server address field. Tick the “Use SSL” box to utilize secure NNTP connections.

Newsbin Pro Step 8

Step 8: Usenet Credentials

Now enter your Fast Usenet username and password.

Newsbin Pro Step 9

Step 9: Post Days & Connections

You can now set the amount of days you would like Newsbin Pro to grab when downloading headers from the newsgroups. We are going to leave the default of 30. Here you can also set the number of connections allowed. Fast Usenet supports 50 connections but it is usually best to set this number to 45.

Newsbin Pro Step 10

Step 10: Installation Complete

Congratulations, you have now finished with the Newsbin Pro setup. Tick the box labeled “Launch Newsbin Now”. Select Finish. Newsbin Pro should now open.

Newsbin Pro Step 11

Step 11: Adding Newsgroups

When Newsbin Pro opens up you should be presented with a screen similar to the image to the left. This is the “Groups List” window. Right click anywhere in the window and select “Add Group”.

Newsbin Pro Step 12

Step 12: Finding A Newsgroup

When the “Add Groups” windows opens you can enter a search keyword in the search field to locate the newsgroup you are interested in. Once you locate the newsgroup select it and choose Ok.

Newsbin Pro Step 13

Step 13: Newsgroup Headers

You should now see that newsgroup listed in the “Groups List” section. To download the articles for that group simply double click. A new window should open and Newsbin Pro should begin to download the latest articles.

Newsbin Pro Step 14

Step 14: NZB File Import

If you would like to load and NZB file into Newsbin simply click on “File”, “Load NZBs”.

Newsbin Pro Step 15

Step 15: NZB File Download

Now locate the NZB file on your computer. Once you have located the file select it and click “Open”. Newsbin Pro will no load the NZB file in the download queue and being download the articles from Usenet.