GrabIt Windows Tutorial

GrabIt Newsreader Tutorial

With your subscription, you will get a customized version of GrabIt newsreader. Our customized edition of GrabIt includes unlimited search. Unlimited search is a $25/year value.

GrabIt allows you to easily search and view content on the newsgroups. The Fast Usenet Edition comes configured so setup is fast and simple.

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Video Setup Guide

The following video tutorial demonstrates how to download, install, and configured GrabIt newsreader. You will also learn how to use the global search feature which makes locating information on Usenet easy.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 1

Step 1: Setup Wizard

Download the setup file from the members area. After the download has completed launch the installer. Click "Next" to view the License Agreement.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 2

Step 2: License Agreement

Read through the license agreement and if you agree with the terms select "I accept the agreement" to continue setup.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 3

Step 3: Installation Destination

Select the installation location. This is where the installer will place all the required GrabIt files.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 4

Step 4: Start Menu Entry

Now you can edit the "Start Menu" entry, or leave the default value.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 5

Step 5: Additional Tasks

Now you can assign the installer additional tasks. You can create a desktop icon, create a quick launch icon and "Associate GrabIt with NZB files". If you associate GrabIt with NZB files Windows will make GrabIt the default application for opening NZBs.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 6

Step 6: Ready to Install

Now double check your setup details and if everything looks good you can click "Install" to start the installation.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 7

Step 7: Setup Complete

The setup is now complete and you should see a new icon on your desktop that you can use to run GrabIt. If you don't see a desktop icon you can alternatively click the start menu and locate the GrabIt entry from there.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 8

Step 8: Account Information

When GrabIt opens for the first time enter your Fast Usenet username and password.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 9

Step 9: Newsgroup List

After the credentials have been entered GrabIt will connect to our Usenet servers and download the latsest newsgroup list.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 10

Step 10: Subscribe to Newsgroups

You can use the group search to help find the newsgroup you are looking for. In this example we are going to search for the word "BMW". GraIt will now only display the newsgroups which contain the word "BMW". After locating the group you want, right click and select "Subscribe".

GrabIt Tutorial Step 10

Step 11: Updating Newsgroups

After subscribing to the newsgroup, it will appear in the right menu of GrabIt. To update the newsgroup right click on the group name and select “Incremental Update”. GrabIt will then connect to our server and download the latest articles.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 10

Step 12: Newsgroup Articles

After the update has completed you should see the articles in the main window. You can now browse through the articles. Once you’ve located an article you’d like to view simply double click it and GrabIt will pull the article down from our servers.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 10

Step 13: Import NZB File

If you would like to use GrabIt to download with an NZB file click on the “Batch” tab, when the top menu has loaded select “NZB Import”. The NZB import menu will appear. Click Add, locate the NZB file on your computer, now select “Grab”. The NZB file will be imported and added to the “Batch”.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 10

Step 14: NZB Added to Batch

The articles are imported from the NZB file and loaded into the GrabIt download queue.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 10

Step 15: Global Usenet Search

To use the search feature select the GrabIt Usenet Search tab. In the search field enter what you are looking for. Click on “Search”. The window below will populate with your search results.

GrabIt Tutorial Step 10

Step 16: Search File Download

To download the articles list in the search results field below simply select them, then right click and choose the server name which should be

GrabIt Tutorial Step 10

Step 17: Download Folder

The select articles will now be added to the batch for download. After they have completed select “Download Folder” from the top menu to view the download folder in Windows.