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What Are Alt.Binary Newsgroups?

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What Is The Alt. Newsgroup Hierarchy?

The alt. newsgroup hierarchy is a first level newsgroup description that is meant for binaries. Binaries are the files that you download from Usenet such as pictures.

If you do not know what a newsgroup is, it is a place within Usenet where you can post messages for others to read and respond to. Also, you need to understand hierarchy is used in Usenet to group the different newsgroups. The hierarchy is a way to arrange topics and information so it is easier to keep the topics discussed in Usenet organized and easier to find.

The Different Kinds of Newsgroups

There are a lot of different kinds of newsgroups out there, but there are eight main hierarchies that encompass the biggest groups in Usenet. The hierarchies are comp, humanities, misc, news, rec, sci, soc, and talk. Although these are the main groups, there are many more including the alt hierarchy.

Why Was The Alt. Binary Hierarchy Created?

The alt. binary hierarchy was created to help sites cope with the large amount of disc space and bandwidth that binary files use. It can be hard for some sites to even carry binaries because of the large size of the files. There was a need to make it easier for Usenet administrators. They needed to make changes to the groups because of the file size, and the alt. binary hierarchy was the solution.

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