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PAR2 (Parity) Binary Files

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Par Binary Files

Par binaries are binaries such as images, audio, and video that are in multiple parts when they are uploaded to the server. Par for parity or parts to help you out on PAR when you see them in a newsgroup. Pars are a must if you want your service to run smoothly because it helps out on speed bandwidth and drive storage. It also makes binaries easier to propagate through the servers that have the same newsgroup name.

Par binaries will also be encoded and in multiple parts so you’ll need to download all the parts then decode and combine them. But first you’ll need a few things like a newsreader, which can be anyone you like with the abilities to combine and decode for you. Here at Fastusenet.org we recommend a few like GrabIt,  News Bin Pro,  Xnews, and Thoth for Mac. GrabIt we actually have accessible to our customers for free once they sign up and GrabIt is a great newsreader which would normally cost $3.99 for search service.

Required PAR Software

Once your newsreader is installed you’ll need some more shareware to install like a program called WinRAR. Your newsreader will actually download and decode each part but WinRAR is used to combine all the parts together to form your video, images, or audio file. For instance if you have a video that is 25 parts long you’ll need your newsreader to select and pull all 25 parts down and save them to your harddrive.

Once you have done that and you already have WinRAR installed that is what the parts will be formatted as, they’ll be WinRAR files. You just double click on the first part and drag and drop into the same folder to extract the files and Winrar will combine all 25 parts into one then you’ll have your one Divx/mpeg/avi/wmv file.

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