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What is Usenet Web?

There are many names for it that you may have heard but basically Usenet Web is a way for Usenet members to access their favorite newsgroups and participate in discussions or download files (binaries), or just browse and look at what ís there. Other names for what Usenet web refers to are Web News, Web to News Gateway, Web Newsgroups, etc.

What Exactly is the Usenet Web?

If you have not heard any of the above terms, then you’ve come to the right place. What Usenet web essentially is, is a way for Usenet customers to do everything they can do through the use of a newsreader, on the web. How does that happen? Well, it is very easy for you to get used to the Usenet web, it is in fact easier then using a newsreader to access the newsgroups.

Usenet web is recommended to beginning users, to people who do not own a newsreader program, or to travelers who usually use a newsreader but do not have one on hand at the time. It is a very handy way to get into Usenet and do what you usually do with ease and nothing else but a web browser like Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

Who Can Use the Usenet Web?

Everyone who has a computer with Internet connection and a Fast Usenet account can take advantage of it. It’s nothing more than a website with a username and password log in. Once you log into the Usenet web, you can choose the servers you want to use and find the newsgroups you are interested in. Then, once you are in your desired newsgroup(s), you can browse the posts they contain, view pictures with the help of the thumbnailing features, and download all the images, videos, and software. That’s right, you can do it all on the Usenet web. Fastusenet.org is one of the premium Usenet providers that offer Usenet web to their members for free. So you can do it your way, every day.

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