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What is a free newsgroup?

Basically, newsgroups are a means of “public discussion,” using Usenet. (Usenet, in its basic form, is a set of computer servers that host newsgroup articles for people to look at) They are place where people can post newsgroup articles (messages). These messages look similar to e-mails, but they could possibly be read by millions of people all over the world.

Getting your free newsgroups

Free Usenet access providers allow you to post newsgroup messages free of charge and exchange them over Usenet. Your ISP provider often provides these newsgroups to you free of charge, but they are often substandard. One problem you may face with free Usenet providers is the limited number of newsgroups you have access to. Because of this, it may be very hard to find the group you are looking for.

Encountering Problems

Besides the problem of not being able to find the articles and groups you are looking for, you may come across several other problems when using free Usenet providers and free newsgroups. The first problem is the retention rate. Most free newsgroups will only be posted for a short period of time. The next problem is the completion rate. Completion is the percentage of messages that make it to the server to be posted. Most of the free providers neglect the Usenet access, and therefore you get many less messages posted. Items such as binaries can then be very difficult to download.

Solving Problems

The easiest way to solve many of the problems of free Usenet access is to get a quality Usenet provider. A quality provider will have higher completion and retention rates, allowing you access to more newsgroups. This will help you find the discussions you want. A good example of a quality Usenet service provider is FastUsenet.org. They have access to thousands of newsgroups, including binaries.

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