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Hello Instagram!

We’re now on Instagram… Hooray! Usenet was the originally social media platform but as you know times have changed. You can still find awesome topics of discussion on Usenet but we also like other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram. We plan on posting images from around the office. Visit the […]

Choosing A Usenet Provider

Finding the Right Usenet Completion, speed, number of newsgroups, retention, unlimited downloads and quality of support are just a few of the things you should look for when searching for a Usenet provider. For those of you who are not sure what each specific term refers to, here are short descriptions of each. Article Completion […]

Newsgroup Web Browser Access

What is a Newsgroup Web Gateway? Usenet web is recommended to beginning users, to people who do not own a newsreader program, or to travelers who usually use a newsreader but do not have one on hand at the time. It is a very handy way to get into Usenet and do what you usually […]

Is Your ISP Limiting Usenet Downloads?

ISP Usenet Bandwidth Throttling Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) have implemented what is best known as traffic shaping or bandwidth throttling to help lower the resources used on their networks. To counter these tactics used by ISP’s Usenet providers such as Fastusenet.org have implemented secure socket layer connections (SSL) that use alternative routes on the […]

Newsgroup Censorship & Usenet Privacy

What is Censorship? Censorship is the act of examining books, movies, films, web pages, or other material and the subsequent removal or suppression of what is considered morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable. Many different people from many different areas read and use the news in Usenet. That means that there could be thousands or millions […]

Free Usenet Newsgroups

Free Newsgroups? Basically, newsgroups are a means of “public discussion,” using Usenet. (Usenet, in its basic form, is a set of computer servers that host newsgroup articles for people to look at) They are A place where people can post newsgroup articles (messages). These messages look similar to e-mails, but they could possibly be read […]

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