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A web gateway is a simple way to access any newsgroup from any computer with an Internet connection and a simple web browser.

A web gateway for Usenet service turns what was once difficult for many users, into a simple task that all Internet users are used to. Many Usenet subscribers do not like having to download the file and decode it themselves with the use of special software. When a Usenet provider offers the use of a web gateway, all this trouble is gone and forgotten.

With the web gateway you no longer need special software to do all this. The web gateway allows a user to access all the newsgroups they want, download the files they want, decode them, and put the ready files on the users hard drive. All these processes are extremely automated so all a user has to do is log into the gateway. The software will take you from there and show you what to do. It is that easy.

The web gateway operates on port 80, the normal port for Internet traffic, instead of port 119, which is for NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol). Since it operates on port 80, you will be able to access your newsgroups at more locations since a lot of places block access to port 119 with firewalls.

Using a web gateway is rather simple. You will open up a web browser, usually Internet Explorer or Firefox, and go to your Usenet providersí web page. From there, you will usually have to log in to their service. Once logged in, they will usually provide you with a link to access their news servers from the web browser.

Once on the server, you can add/delete/browse the newsgroups that are available on that server and get the files you wish to download and view. One extra feature of the web gateway is that often times Usenet service providers will provide thumb nailing of images for quicker browsing to find the image you desire. This can save you tons of time and bandwidth in Usenet.

All in all, web gateways have allowed Usenet providers to open up their services to many more people than ever thought possible, and it also allows them to make their service that much easier to use for all of us.

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