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Accessing Newsgroups With Web Browser

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Usenet With A Web Gateway

There are several ways to access newsgroups through the web. In most cases, your Internet Service Provider will provide access to newsgroups through a web gateway. This is your basic access to newsgroups in which you can view all kinds of articles posted on any topic you can think of.

The Good

One of the benefits of accessing newsgroups through the web is that you do not need any other programs to help you download and upload information to and form Usenet servers. Most have some sort of keyword search that allows you to enter the topic to search for and it will try to find it for you.

The Bad

The problem with accessing newsgroups through the web is that these web gateways are not very good at retrieving information. For example, when trying to download binaries, (audio, video, pictures, etc.) the files are broken down when posted and then need to be pieced together, but what you get with most web gateways is only partial retrieval of these files. This means you are not always able to get the song or movie you want because you do not have all the parts needed to put it together.

The Solution

The easiest way to solve all the problems you face while accessing newsgroups through the web is to use a newsreader. A newsreader is a program designed to find the information you are looking for on Usenet, download it, so you can put it together and view it. A good example of this is the customized GrabIt newsreader you get when you sign up with Usenet service provider FastUsenet.org. Most of the work is done for you and it makes it easy to access the information you want.

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