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Worldwide Internet Traffic Increases

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It’s Only Going To Get Bigger

Cisco announced yesterday that they foresee 15 billion connected devices by the year 2015. Worldwide Internet traffic will reach a staggering 970 Exabyte’s (1,024 petabytes). That is an insane amount of network traffic. 40% of the World’s population will be online and FastUsenet.org will be there to provide the best Usenet experience possible.

To help better put that amount of network traffic into perspective think of it like this. On an hourly basis the amount of Internet traffic will equal 28 million DVD movies. The increase of 200 exabytes between 2014 and 2015 is by itself more than all the network traffic used in 2010.

Cisco believes that the average American will have seven network-connected devices ranging from mobile phones, mobile devices, and computers. We here at FastUsenet.org think this is amazing. Look how far we’ve come. In the last 20 years the Internet has grown to something that wasn’t even previously imaginable. People are getting connected to the cloud, which in our opinion allows us to grow and learn more and more everyday.

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