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Usenet Uploading

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Uploading at Fast Usenet is very easy with a few tips to give you. For starters just about every news reader has a post button and if you don’t like using your news reader for posting you can use Power Post 2000 which is a third party program just for posting/uploading.

Also we’d like to mention that there is no limit on how much you can upload just a few guidelines on how to upload here at Fastusenet.org. All binary files will need to be broken down into smaller parts because that will help speed the upload process up.

One of the most used programs for that is Winrar. That program will help break down binary files to any size. We have a limit of one mega byte. So your multipart files cannot be larger than 1 meg. But you want to remember not to make your parts too small because they can get lost when transferring from server to server.

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