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Private Usenet Newsgroups Access

What Does Private Access Mean

To you, the customer, privacy should be quite an important factor when considering a Usenet Service Provider to sign up with. Private newsgroup service means that your download sessions aren’t being tracked by your provider and that no one knows who you are and what you are doing while logged in.

Well, just like with any other online service you use, it is probably desirable for you to know that you are enjoying full privacy on your computer. Just like you wouldn’t want someone to be tracking your web browsing sessions so they can know every single website you visited, including who emailed you yesterday or how much money you have in your bank account, you don’t want anyone tracking what you do in Usenet, what kind of discussions you get in and what files you download.

Fast Usenet Provides Anonymous Access

Many newsgroup providers claim that they provide safe and secure access to the newsgroups while in reality, they don’t. Not all companies provide customers with secure, private access to their servers. Fast Usenet, however, ensures that our customers’ privacy is unprecedented by providing a reliable, safe, and secure connections to our servers, disabling tracking of user activity.

Signing up with Fast Usenet and then pairing that membership up with our secure SSL connections, ensures the most anonymous and secure way to browse and download from the newsgroups. So, if keeping your information private and protecting your privacy online is important to you sign up with a trusted and secure provider.

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