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Outlook Express Newsreader Review

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Outlook Express Review

Microsoft Outlook Express is a free email client and a newsreader developed by Microsoft that is included as part of the Internet Explorer package. It has been pre-installed with every version of Windows since the release of Windows 98. The facts that it is free and is pre-installed on the majority of Windows computers are two major advantages of this newsreader. Odds are very good that it is already installed on the computers in your public library and in your favorite Internet cafe.

Setting up a Usenet access account in Outlook Express is very simple and straightforward due to its easy to follow wizard system that guides you through the process by asking a series of basic questions, such as server name, email address, username and password. Once you have an account configured, simply click on the server name and select your favorite newsgroups. That’s all there is to it. Another advantage of Outlook Express is that it handles multiple accounts very well. Newsgroups subscriptions are organized hierarchically by server.

Outlook Express Newsreader Limitations

If you are a basic Usenet surfer, Outlook Express will likely satisfy all your needs very well. If you are a more advanced user, there are several more advanced software applications available. Outlook Express does not group multi-part binary articles together so you have to manually select each part to download them. It also does not have any internal archiving/unarchiving abilities so you will need to use an external archiving program such as WinRAR if you plan to download multi-part binary articles.

Outlook Express is also limited in the performance category. It does not allow you to take advantage of multiple download streams offered by many Usenet providers, nor does it provide any method for you to track your download speed or how much you have downloaded as many more advanced newsreaders do.

In summary, Outlook is a very capable newsreader for basic Usenet surfers or for those only reading text articles. If you plan on engaging in more advanced activities, there are many other Newsreaders on the market that are more suited to the task. Using the right software will enhance your Usenet experience and make frequent tasks easier and faster.

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