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Usenet is an integral part of Internet. Yet it is significantly different from all other Internet services like World Wide Web, FTP, or GOPHER. In order to utilize Usenet, the user must obtain Usenet access from a specialized provider of such service. So in order to access Usenet, the customer must have both an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and Usenet provider a.k.a. Usenet news service.

For example, a customer may connect to the internet through their Comcast or AOL account but then gain access to the Usenet web of servers through Fastusenet.org. Fastusenet.org is a premium news service focusing on providing a reliable and fast way to experience Usenet at its fullest. Most Usenet news services usually host just one “full-feed” server which accepts the full Usenet traffic and provides access to its customers to it. At the same time the same server redirects everything it has to all its “peers”(other news services’ servers) thus creating what is essentially the backbone of Usenet.

All these server tasks are extremely processor and memory intensive and offer even the highest class hardware available on the market is unable to handle it. This leads to poor user experience and slow download speeds. To resolve this issue premium Usenet news services, like Fastusenet.org, offer access to a large number of independent servers which handle only partial feeds from Usenet.

For example, a dedicated images server will only handle the traffic in picture groups which accounts to about 10% of the total traffic. This will allow this server to use more resources for the customers connecting to it and improve the quality of service significantly. Fastusenet.org goes even further by providing two servers for images in geographically diverse locations to reduce the network delays its users might experience.

After all Usenet news services are companies similar to the popular retailers we go to every day. There the Saks, the Bloomingdales and Gucci’s but there also the Kmart’s… As always, you get exactly what you pay for…

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