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Today there are numerous Usenet providers offering their services to people looking to gain access to Usenet. As with any service there are the companies which offer only the bare minimum at a very low cost and the ones which offer superior service at a premium. Between these two extremes, there are numerous providers of Usenet who are trying to attract customers with different levels of differentiation.

So how should you go about choosing a cheap newsgroup provider? Probably the best way of doing this is to look at the Usenet service as a puzzle. The key pieces of the puzzle are retention of the articles, completion, download limits, and speed. The retention is the average period of time an article is stored on the Usenet server before it is overwritten by a new one due to lack of disk space.

Completion is the percentage of multipart binaries which are complete (all their parts are present in the newsgroup at the same time). The download limits are the amount of actual data you are allowed to download from a news server for a given period of time. Finally, speed of download is also critical given the traffic volume of the information in Usenet.

If a provider fails to deliver satisfactory on all of these aspects, you should stay away from it. There is little point in having huge download limits when there are no articles available for download or if they are totally incomplete. So when choosing a cheap newsgroup provider, we advise you to look at the whole picture and make an intelligent and informed choice. FastUsenet.org is an example of such good choice.

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