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GrabIt Newsreader With Search

With your Fast Usenet subscription you'll get a customized version of the GrabIt newsreader by GrabIt is one of the easiest Usenet newsreaders in the World. With GrabIt you can search and download any content on Usenet news servers, without downloading thousands of headers.

GrabIt Newsreader Features

Unlimited Usenet Search ($25/year Value)

With your Fast Usenet subscription you'll receive access to GrabIt search. GrabIt search is normally a $25/year fee but comes bundled with your subscription.

Browse Usenet without downloading headers!

New revolutionary way of working with Usenet. Instead of downloading a large amount of headers, GrabIt allows you to just go to a group and browse the contents without downloading headers!

Search Usenet without downloading headers!

Tired of downloading megabytes of headers just to see if there is anything available you want? Try the new GrabIt search and you will never use Usenet like you did before! Instantly find and download all posts on Usenet matching your search keywords!

Automatic repair and extract of downloaded binaries

You no longer have to check, repair and extract your downloads by hand. All of these tasks will be handled by GrabIt automatically! Fill up your batch and leave your PC running. When you come back all of your downloads will be ready for you to use.