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Newsgroup Messages Explained

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What Is A Newsgroup Message?

A newsgroup message is a term that refers to the content of a newsgroup article, or post. There are many names for that entity but newsgroup message is one that is commonly used among participants in the Usenet community.

What Do Newsgroup Messages Contain?

A newsgroup message can be either a plain text message, simply containing text as a part of a discussion between two or more people, or a message containing a file or a part of a file. The latter are called binary newsgroup messages because the files they contain are referred to as binaries in Usenet. The text messages can contain questions, replies, or follow-ups on a certain discussion topic that was initiated among a group of users.

Users usually give their opinions or provide impartial information to aid discussions in the text posts. The binary posts can contain all kinds of files, including but not limited to videos, audio, software, games, pictures, etc. As opposed to text newsgroup messages, when it comes to downloading binaries, you often have to download the content of more then one post because binaries are usually broken down into multiple posts (because of their large size once they are put together).

Where Can I Find Newsgroup Messages?

Newsgroup messages can only be found in the Usenet newsgroups. Fastusenet.org, the top North American Usenet provider gives their members access to over 100,000 newsgroups. With access to such a wide collection of subjects and topics, you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

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