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What Are Usenet Newsgroups?

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What Is A Usenet Newsgroup?

Newsgroup descriptions can cover a lot of ground. First we’ll talk about what newsgroups are, and then we’ll get into the many types of newsgroups so that when you sign up with Fast Usenet, you’ll have a general idea of what we’re doing here. For starters, newsgroups fall under two categories which are text and binaries.

Text Newsgroups

Text newsgroups are where you’ll find discussion areas, chat forums, or message boards. Here is where you’ll find people from all around the world sharing ideas about the same topics from cars to politics. Text newsgroups will also contain some of the hottest debates on just about every topic you can think of.

The other category of newsgroups is binary groups. These newsgroups contain files such as audio, video, games, applications, and images. All the binary files are shared from all around the world with Usenet users with the same interest in taste and same interest in topic.

Binary (File) Newsgroups

Newsgroups have many name types that the binary files or discussion groups will fall under. “Rec”, “Alt”, and “News” are just to name a few. With these types of newsgroup names, it helps to keep the newsgroups organized and also helps when you do research throughout the newsgroups because the material they contain is so massive. At Fast Usenet we carry over 100,000 newsgroups and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll have it added to our already huge archive of Usenet articles.

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