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Viewing Newsgroups

A newsgroup list can be viewed in a few different ways. It can be viewed with an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, MSN, or Safari. You can also view the newsgroup list with a 3rd party program like a newsreader or some type of binary grabber. Most newsreaders let you view both text and binary newsgroup lists and some just let you see the binary list.

There are also newsreaders that just pull up the text newsgroup lists. Going back to Internet browsers and newsgroup lists, on some Usenet sites they have a search engine on the outside of the website somewhere on the homepage that allows you to search through the newsgroup list to locate your favorite group. At Fast Usenet, we carry over 120,000 newsgroups and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can surely have it added to our servers.

Fast Usenet Web News Gateway

Once you become a member of Fast Usenet, you can use an Internet browser or a newsreader to view a newsgroup list. For browsers, we have what is called a news-to-web gateway which allows you to log into the server and do searches for your favorite newsgroups by keywords or just view all the newsgroups, then go through them to find what you are looking for.

GrabIt Newsreader With Search

The other way to view a newsgroup list is with a newsreader and at Fastusenet.org we are GIVING AWAY a FREE copy of the GrabIt software which has a $4 monthly value. Once GrabIt is installed on your machine, it is tailored to every membership level that we provide so when you install it, it will know what membership is being installed and your username and password will be logged into every server you have access to.

In GrabIt, you will see the news servers on the left side panel. All you have to do is “right-click” on the selected server, then choose “subscribe/unsubscribe” and a search window pops up. Here you get to use a search field to go through the newsgroup list for your favorite groups, which is both text and binary.

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