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What is a Usenet Viewer?

More commonly know as a newsreader, a Usenet viewer is a software application that is designed to help you view Usenet articles that it has downloaded. Information on Usenet is posted in a way that requires a program that can find files that have been broken up and put them back together again so you can read the messages. Having a Usenet viewer is especially helpful when trying to view pictures and download music and movies. Getting information downloaded off of Usenet can all be done in several ways including a web gateway, but web gateways don’t work nearly as well as a well designed Usenet viewer.

Advantages of a Usenet Viewer

The biggest advantage of using a Usenet viewer is that it allows you to scan several servers, containing information, at one time to search for different subjects. This allows much higher speeds when downloading, which is extremely beneficial when downloading larger files such as audio books or movies. A Usenet viewer will also have a much higher completion rate than a web gateway will. The Usenet viewer is designed to put together the split files, meaning the information you are looking for will be more complete.

Another big advantage of a Usenet viewer is the time that it can save you while downloading information off Usenet. Many Usenet viewers can be set to download information from the servers you want overnight. This allows you to access the groups when you’re ready, and also frees up bandwidth during the day for other things you need it for.

Finding a Usenet Viewer

There are many Usenet viewers available to you, but it is best to find one the works well with your Usenet service. A good example of this is the customized version of Newsbin Pro that Fastusenet.org can offers to their members. Because it is meant specifically for Fastusenet.org, this Usenet viewer will help make your time in Usenet more enjoyable.

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