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Subscribing To and Joining Newsgroups

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Why Do You Need to Join Newsgroups in Usenet?

Joining various newsgroups in Usenet sounds like it may be more complicated that it actually is. Unlike other online discussion groups and forums, where you actually have to create a member profile and tell everyone else who you are, in Usenet, it is much simpler, easier, more private, and possible to keep your anonymity.

You don’t have to come up with bogus profiles, member information, or millions of usernames and passwords for every newsgroup that you want to join. You basically can subscribe and join newsgroups with the click of a button. The reason why you need to join the newsgroups you want to be able o use at the first place, is because you need to subscribe to them in order to read messages, download binaries, and post to the newsgroup.

How Do You Join Newsgroups?

As we said, joining is extremely easy and everyone can do it. No questions asked. Unless you have previously been banned from that particular newsgroup for abusing and spamming it. The best way to read newsgroups is to use a stand-alone newsreader program, such as GrabIt, which is provided at no charge to all Fast Usenet members. Newsreaders allow you to manage the huge volume of messages that many newsgroups contain today.

Once you have connected to your Usenet provider’s server(s), you can select the newsgroups you wish to subscribe to and just click on the “Subscribe” button of your newsreader (a list of all newsgroups available will be displayed by your newsreader upon connection). Once you have joined newsgroups, you can visit them whenever you like and read their content as well as post to them.

You can check just one or all of the newsgroups you’ve subscribed to. The simplest approach is to download all of the new responses from all newsgroups at the same time and then read them. If you have subscribed to a large number of newsgroups, this might take a while but it will be worth it since cool new things are posted on a daily basis. For more information to how to subscribe to newsgroups using GrabIt visit the GrabIt newsreader start-up guide.

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