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What Is Public Usenet Service?

Public Usenet service is a company or organization that offers free Usenet service to the general populace. There are over 100,000 newsgroups in Usenet and most ISP’s offer access only to a restricted amount of newsgroups. Usually most popular newsgroups are accessible from Internet Service Provider businesses, but occasionally you may want to discover newsgroups offered by other news service providers like Fast Usenet. Lately ISP’s don’t even offer newsgroup service, so in this case a provider such as Fast Usenet is required if you want to access any newsgroups.

Fast Usenet Offers More

Fast Usenet offers you total access to more than 120,000 newsgroups ranging in just about any subject you could possibly think of. A large number of news service companies make a few of their news servers accessible to the general public for individuals who don’t have any additional means of access Usenet or just for diagnostic purposes. If you want to get access to public news servers, you will need to add it to your newsreader application, such as GrabIt, Xnews, NewsBin Pro, Newsleecher, or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Once you have the public news server properly setup in your newsreader, you can begin to view Usenet news, post messages into the newsgroups, or download binaries (audio, video, images) if they are accessible on that particular public news server. If your Internet Service Provider doesn’t offer you the full list of newsgroups you want, then a public server option isn’t right for you.

You might want to consider a Usenet provider like Fast Usenet. For a small monthly price, you will gain access to over 100,000 newsgroups on ever topic you could possibly think of, and if there isn’t a topic you’re looking for you can contact our support team and we’ll add the newsgroup for you within A 24 hour period.

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