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Some tips on writing newsgroup proposals.

What’s Newsgroup Proposal?

A newsgroup proposal is a submission made to add a newsgroup on the topic of your choice. A newsgroup proposal is also known as a Request for Discussion (RFD). It is important to get directly to the point and to be persuasive in your proposal.

What Should Be Included In A Newsgroup Proposal?

There are four main topics that should be included when creating a newsgroup proposal (RFD). The first is that it should only contain a charter for the group. Next, include the rationale for creating the newsgroup. Then, add a statement of moderation policy, but this is only if your proposed newsgroup is to be moderated. Finally, include a statement of any plans to put the group to a mailing list.

What Should Be Avoided In A Proposal

It is not necessary to include a history of the topic of your proposed newsgroup. If you feel you need to explain the history, you can submit it in a separate article as an outline.

Things To Remember

The two most important things to remember when writing a newsgroup proposal (RFD), is that you want to provide the best possible newsgroup, and you need to be able to convince others to support your proposal. It is also good to remember to do as much research as possible before writing the proposal, and once you do get to writing it, make sure it is well written.

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