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Newsgroup Moderators

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Who are the Newsgroup Moderators?

Newsgroup moderators are usually energetically active Usenet members who donate their time and efforts to moderating certain groups that they are interested in. You can think of a Usenet/newsgroup moderator as a newsgroup administrator. This person regulates the content of the newsgroup and decides what goes in it and what doesn’t.

How Does Newsgroup Moderation Work?

It is a simple, but sometimes time-consuming process. Depending on the popularity of the group, being a newsgroup moderator can be a full time job or a job that takes 1-2 hours a week. It all depends on how many people post in that newsgroup and how often they post. Moderations works in the following way: once a posting attempt has been made to the group that is being moderated, the moderated is notified (via email) about the post. His or her job is to quickly review the post and decide if it should go to the group or be deleted without ever making it to the group.

What is the Purpose of the Newsgroup Moderators?

Their role is not to censor what you see in the newsgroups; they do not filter out content because they don’t what you to see certain stuff. Their role is to simply make sure that the discussions and posts in the newsgroups stay on topic. They also prevent spam from reaching the group, which helps discussions stay on the subject. These are some definite advantages of having newsgroup moderators.

Of course, not everyone likes the moderated newsgroups. So it is your choice, Usenet is there for everyone and you can access both moderated and non-moderated groups on the Fastusenet.org (www.fastusenet.org) servers. Chose from two geographically diverse server farms, located on the North America and Europe and enjoy the Usenet newsgroups with or without moderation.

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