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Newsgroup History

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The basic concept of the newsgroups and their history are pretty interesting. The idea of Usenet and its environment evolved from a basic existence. Usenet is now worldwide and fully functional across many platforms and computers.

The basics of newsgroups and message trading came from what was known as a BBS or Bulletin Board System. This system was created so that users could dial-up and connect usually using a telephone modem. Once dialed into the BBS, users could mainly post messages under created topics. When somebody would log off of the BBS, someone else would have the ability to log in, read what has been written and reply accordingly. These messages were stored and were only made available to users with a username and password to the BBS.

With the idea of the Internet and the World Wide Web, BBS providers wanted to expand their posts and replies for their dial-up users. Soon the BBS computer was connecting with other computers over the Internet and trading topics, posts, and their replies. Those computers in time traded with other computers, creating a vast network of message and topic trading. Hence, Usenet’s concept has evolved. Once Usenet was in full force, the newsgroup was made as a standard. Newsgroups as a history is basically a labeling structure for topics that people can read and reply to.

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