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Etiquette for Newsgroups

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When it comes to Newsgroups, there are a few manners that you should become familiar with have before entering into these groups. I am going to list some of the rules below for having newsgroup etiquette before you continue into the newsgroups. You, as an individual should be going into these newsgroups, knowing some of these manners that will keep you from making any mistakes.

1. Lurk. Waiting is the most important thing to do when it comes to newsgroups. You want to make sure you check these groups out before posting. Make sure that the content of the group is relevant to what you are going to post.

2. Read the FAQ. Finding out some of the commonly asked questions and other important information can be very helpful to you. This is one of the fastest ways to learn more about a given newsgroup.

3. DON’T YELL. Watch the typing, which in other words means you should not use all capital letters when typing a message. When another user is reading your message, this makes him or her feel like you are hollering at them.

4. “GET RICH QUICK.” Do not post messages with subjects such as this because to be honest people get angry with this and don’t believe you anyway.

5. Advertisements are a no-no. This type of posting should be avoided as well. This approach at things will also make your users furious at you.

6. Disregard “Trolls.” The last thing that you should post in a newsgroup is hateful things about newsgroups because you just won’t get anything accomplished that way.

7. No Spam. Another important thing to think about is when posting something you really want people to see, don’t go “overboard”. Limit what you post and don’t splatter it all over as it’s just not worth doing.

8. Be Unique. Being yourself is another major rule that you should follow. If everyone was like each other in the newsgroups it would not be as interesting as it is. When you reply to a post, cut out the rest of the message and only reply with the part of the message that you are reacting to.

9. Plain and Simple! The most important rule is if you don’t think someone would think a posting is appropriate, then don’t do it.

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