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Browsing Usenet Newsgroups

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Browsing Usenet With a Newsreader

There are several ways to browse the Usenet newsgroups. One way to access newsgroups is via the use of newsreader software, such as GrabIt (provided with your membership), Newsbin Pro, Newsleecher, SABnzbd, or Mozilla Thunderbird. Newsreader applications let you see the list of newsgroups carried by Fast Usenet, enter a newsgroup, and browse through the articles and the binaries that group contains.

Some software packages let you see thumbnails of the pictures attached to the newsgroup articles, so you can decide whether you want to view/download a certain picture before actually doing it, thus saving you time and bandwidth.

Another way to browse newsgroups is using a graphical newsgroup browser, such as Diiva, which is specifically designed to let users preview pictures in Usenet. Since newsgroups in Usenet were not designed with image browsing or viewing in mind, such graphical browsers let you overcome the inherent text nature of newsgroups

Browsing Usenet With Web Interface

A third way to browse newsgroups is through a web-based interface that many premium Usenet providers offer with their service (Fast Usenet is an example of such provider). The main advantage of the web-based interface is that it does not require you to have any additional software as newsgroups are accessed through your web browser.

A web-based thumb nailing service is a wonderful addition to a web-based newsgroup interface, as it lets you conveniently preview pictures and download them from your web browser.

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