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Adding New Newsgroups

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Adding new newsgroups is done just about every day, here at Fast Usenet. We offer the largest newsgroup list in the world and if there is something we don’t have, our customers can let us know by simply submitting a small form with the hit of a single button, and we’ll have it added in no time. Since Usenet itself is growing everyday, the newsgroup topics are growing too.

You might not see some of the latest newsgroups on our servers but we try real hard to keep up with the fast pace of Usenet so it is highly unlikely that you won’t find the newsgroup you’re looking for when using Fast Usenet. So it might go both ways if you are new to Usenet and know about certain newsgroups that we aren’t carrying at the time, or are a Usenet pioneer and notice a few of your favorite newsgroups missing or maybe new ones that you really like.

You can just let us know by doing the following. When the time comes for a NEW newsgroup that you would like to see added to our service email us, or use our online chat. We need to know the name of the newsgroup and what type of server it belongs too, like multimedia, or whether it is a text group.

The tech support staff at Fast Usenet will then forward your NEW newsgroup request to the newsmaster and he will have the newsgroup added with the next 3-4 business days. It is that simple! So, if you have NEW newsgroups you want added please let us know as soon as possible so we can get it done as soon as possible! We value our customers’ requests and try to accommodate them at our earliest convenience!

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