PAN Newsreader Linux Tutorial

PAN Newsreader for Linux

Pan is a Usenet newsreader that's good at both text and binaries. It supports offline reading, scoring and killfiles, yEnc, NZB, PGP handling, multiple servers, and secure connections. It runs on Linux, BSD systems, Mac OS X, and Windows.

PAN Linux Tutorial 1

Step 1: Ubuntu Software Manager

Launch the Ubuntu software manager from the left Launcher menu.

Step 2: Install Pan Newsreader

After the software manager was opened search for PAN. The search results should return Pan Newsreader. Click on “Install” to begin the installation. Once the installer has finished you should be able to launch the newsreader. An icon for Pan will also appear in the Launcher menu.

PAN Linux Tutorial 3

Step 3: Setup Usenet Server

When Pan first opens you will be asked to “Add a Server”. Enter the following details to configure Pan with our Usenet service.

Port: 563
Username: Your Fast Usenet Username
Password: Your Fast Usenet Password
Connection Limit: 40
TLS (SSL) Settings: Use Secure SSL Connections

Select “OK” to continue.

PAN Linux Tutorial 4

Step 4: Get Newsgroup List

Now in the left panel of Pan right click. Click on “Refresh Group List”. Pan will now connect to our servers and get the newsgroup list.

PAN Linux Tutorial 5

Step 5: Finding A Newsgroup

A list of the newsgroups should appear. At the top, you will be given an option to search the groups. In this tutorial, we are looking for a particular newsgroup related to the Linux operating system. We’ll enter linux.kernel. Now Pan will filter the groups and only display the newsgroups with that text. Double click the newsgroup you want to subscribe too.

PAN Linux Tutorial 6

Step 6: Newsgroup Headers

After subscribing to the newsgroup Pan will ask how many headers you want to download. In this example, we want to download the last 7 days. Select that option and click “Execute”. Pan will now connect to our servers and download the newsgroup headers.

PAN Linux Tutorial 7

Step 7: Viewing Headers

You should now see the main panel of Pan populating with the newsgroup headers. You can now browse through the newly downloaded messages here.

PAN Linux Tutorial 8

Step 8: Importing NZB File

Pan also has the functionality to download headers using an NZB file. Click on “File” at the top and select “Import NZB Files”. A NZB Importer will open and from here you can search your file system for the NZB file.