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What is Dejanews? Where Did It Go?

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What was DejaNews?

The question is what is DejaNews, but the question really is what was DejaNews. DejaNews began as a site that was dedicated to searching and participating in discussion groups found on Usenet. It later changed its name to Deja.com. This change was due in part to the change of focus from general Usenet searching and discussions to consumer product reviews. With this change they also added an area with information on products, such as product descriptions.

What happened to DejaNews?

The consumer review section of Deja.com was later to be sold. It ended up being sold to eBay’s Half.com. This followed a series of layoffs at the company. After the sale of the consumer review section of Deja.com and some more layoffs, they were bought out completely by the number one search engine Google.

By acquiring Deja.com, Google gets their Usenet search technology. They also acquired the Usenet archive, the Deja.com trademarks, the code and operating systems that operate the Usenet service, and other intellectual property. The archive obtained by Google contained nearly 500 million articles.

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