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Usenet in general holds an extreme amount of information. This concept offers millions of articles worldwide. Usenet contains massive terabytes of files and information for subscribers. Finding the “needle in a haystack” could surely be a problem when dealing with this much information. What would be nice is a Usenet search engine.

A Usenet search engine like www.binsearch.net can come in useful when searching for a particular file or topic. End users want something that is fast yet accurate. Binsearch search engine capacity actually connects to a few Usenet servers and pulls header topics. These topics are then entered into a database to be screened and sorted for keywords. Thus, when somebody goes to www.binsearch.net and types in a subject, Binsearch will access its database and display typical results. Information provided includes the header name, newsgroups it was located in, and some posting information.

Some Usenet providers have these search engines built into their service, but only allow this in their private areas. Downloading headers constantly and entering millions of article information into a database can be taxing on bandwidth and servers. Hence, not very many Usenet providers offer such a luxury. Places like www.binsearch.net provide this service for free. So search away and come back to Fastusenet.org to get what you are looking for.

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