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Usenet Etiquette

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Usenet is a way for people to share information over the Internet. In order to accomplish this, there are many people using and providing Usenet access. Because there are so many people using this service, you must take into account the actions you take and use proper Usenet etiquette.

What is Usenet Etiquette?

Participating in Usenet newsgroups allows you to exchange ideas, information, and more. To keep things running smoothly, you should always use proper Usenet etiquette. Usenet etiquette can mean many things. The basic idea of using Usenet etiquette, is that you are dealing with other people who are reading the information you post and they would like the same enjoyable time on Usenet as you would.

People Have Feelings

You should try to remember that although you are using the computer to communicate, there is another human (or a group of humans) on the other end. Strong opinions are certainly welcome on Usenet, but you should remember that there are possibly millions of people reading what you write, and feelings can be hurt if you verbally attack someone.

Be Polite and Respectful

Remember to be polite and respectful, especially when dealing with the people who help provide services on Usenet. You may be very upset, but be polite with the system administrators because they do not always have control of the problems other users cause.

Comments Belong to Individuals

Remember that most of the opinions posted on Usenet are individual feelings. You should never assume that a person’s comment represents that of a larger organization, unless they specifically say so.

Post Only Once

Millions of messages are added to Usenet every day. Because of this large volume of information, you should post your message only once. Posting a message more than once only causes more clutter and can get you a reputation of a spammer (which means posting material that does not belong to a certain group).

Additional Considerations

Although there are many aspects of Usenet etiquette, here are a few things to keep in mind as you get more familiar with the use of Usenet. Be careful about copyrights, trademarks, licenses, and cite references. Do not repeat answers that have already been said, and avoid using Usenet as an advertising medium.

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