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Posting to Usenet Newsgroups

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Usenet posting is something that has many different rules depending on which news service provider you have. Each news service has its own set of rules, just as each newsgroup has a set of rules. If the group pertains to video, then one would not want to post an image file in that group. That is just a basic rule and common sense for when it comes to Usenet posting. A Usenet posting is made via either a newsreader program or by the web interface provided by the news service. The post includes the name of the group or groups that you are posting to, and the subject of the post. The Usenet post will start out at the news service it was posted to and the server it was posted to and then it will propagate out to the rest of the Usenet world.

A person also has to realize that when they are posting to a newsgroup, their post will go out to sites on every continent with an audience of more than 10 million potential readers. Certain articles are only for specific groups of interest, so you must make sure it is not inappropriate to post them to the whole world. Make sure that the Usenet posting is also useful, to save on space on the servers. Headlines don’t need to be posted on Usenet, by the time a person would read a news headline from a Usenet posting it would be irrelevant. Each newsgroup usually has a charter for the group, which tells what the group should have posted in it. It is also considered rude to post a private e-mail correspondence in a newsgroup, it is better to just send an e-mail to the person it is for. There are discussion newsgroups out there that can be sought out for this.

Usenet posting is something that has to be done with caution because of the magnitude that one post could cause. If one is not careful about the content they are posting, they can have their information posted out to more then 10 million readers.

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