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What Is A Usenet Flamer?

In the Usenet world have you heard the word flame or flamer? This little article is for education and not to scare you because Usenet has unlimited advantages with some problems that comes with. Ever been to a message board and made a post about a controversial topic only to have someone slam you in their reply?

That my friends is a FLAMER. Some can be polite and some can be downright nasty with nothing on their mind then just tick you off. The fun part is that flamers is an issue that won’t go away any time soon so we just deal with these people the best way that we can. If you happen to post something controversial then your chances of getting flamed increases.

You’ll get flamers from all over the world who try to prove you wrong, or steer you in their direction. My advice is NEVER give in and stay the course. Flamers come in all shapes and sizes but they all have one motive, to ruin your day. Again don’t let them. Some flamers are known to ignore warnings, and break newsgroup rules.

They do things like having backup usernames, emails, and IP addresses so that they can get back into newsgroups that they have been banned from. Just a reminder that this is to educate you about flamers incase you run into these folks. You handle these people and you have unlimited possibilities you can have Fast Usenet.

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