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Newsgroup Netiquette

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What is Newsgroup Netiquette

“Netiquette,” a mixture between “net” and “etiquette,” refers to the informal rules that Usenet users follow (or should follow) while exchanging information with others in Usenet newsgroups. Netiquette is not comprised of official government regulations, or laws, it is simply the ethical way in which users should behave when visiting this special part of the Internet, called “Usenet.” Just like we, humans, have informal rules for behavior when interacting with other humans or when we are in public, there are certain rules that have evolved in Usenet over the years, which are the result of positive and negative situations which have happened over the years and which have prompted the so-called “netiquette” to be born.

What Does It Mean to Follow Proper Newsgroup Netiquette

There are many different rules that comprise the concept of “netiquette,” and each one pertains to a different area or activity within newsgroups. This website provides a comprehensive overview of netiquette rules and conventions that are desirable to follow while uploading, downloading, or simply viewing content in every newsgroup in Usenet: http://www.faqs.org/usenet/. There are netiquette rules for almost anything in Usenet and it is recommended that every user familiarize himself/herself with most of them before participating in newsgroup discussions. Netiquette is the proper way of behaving in Usenet, it includes but is not limited to: creating a newsgroup, naming a newsgroup, posting to a newsgroup, writing articles, coming up with an article subject, writing style of articles/messages, starting discussions, choosing a newsgroup to post to, appropriate length of messages, advertising in newsgroups, and just about everything else that you can think of. There are many articles on the Internet about the proper way to behave in newsgroups that users should read if they want to be courteous Usenet participants. When in doubt, it is always useful to think from the perspective of other users, e.g. would people like it if they read a message or advertisement in their favorite newsgroup, which is totally irrelevant to its core subject (also known as “spam”)? Would you like that? If the answer is “no,” then you can be fairly sure that your action is not the most proper one if it will cause disgruntlement in your fellow Usenet users.

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