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Why is there a difference between the downloaded amount stated in my newsreader and the member's page?
All binaries on Usenet are encoded, either using yenc or uuencoding. When the binaries are posted in yenc or uuencoding onto our servers, it is stored in that format. When you download the binaries, i...
Can I connect from more than 1 IP address?
We limit access to 1 IP address per account at any one time for our Usenet accounts. This is to discourage account sharing.
Do you log download activity?
No. Fast Usenet does not log any downloads from our servers. We only log your bandwidth usage.
Why can't I post a message to the newsgroups?
By default, all new accounts have posting access disabled. To enable posting please contact support. Make sure to include your username in the support request. Also please make sure to carefully read ...