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What are DE Usenet Newsgroups

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What are the DE Newsgroups?

The DE newsgroups, also known as Deutsch Newsgroups are newsgroups that contain discussions in the German language. The majority of these discussions go on between users from Germany or Austria.

Why DE Newsgroups?

There are many Deutsch newsgroups in Usenet so it made sense for them to have their own newsgroups hierarchy. It would be confusing and pointless for these groups to duplicate the names of other newsgroups but to somehow indicate that they were in German. So that is how the DE newsgroup hierarchy was created. Today, it has grown to one of the biggest foreign language speaking hierarchies and enjoys a wide popularity.

How Do You Recognize the DE Newsgroups?

Quite simply, the names of those newsgroups begin with a “de.” prefix. Some examples of DE newsgroups are de.alt.animede.alt.comics, de.alt.auto.smart, de.alt.astrologie, de.alt.sport.winter, de.talk.jokes, de.soc.politik.misc, de.sci.mathematik, etc.

As you can see, the DE newsgroups are just like any other discussion groups. Each one contains a discussion on a different topic, the only catch is that it is in German and is mostly frequented by German speaking users. So if you want to meet some Germans or if you are trying to improve your German, it is a good idea to subscribe to a few of those groups and follow the posts. Of course, you can also get some unique binary material to download in those groups.

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