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What are Biz Usenet Newsgroups?

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Biz newsgroups usually having less than 10 articles at the time of the listing. Most Biz newsgroups are moderated and have a strict policy that must be followed. To add to it’s inception, various Biz sub-hierarchies have appeared where content is actually quite strictly regulated and which explicitly exclude commercial ads.

What are Biz Newsgroups?

The Biz represents a hierarchy of Alt newsgroups that started to be carried and propagated by sites interested in the World of business products and services around them. This includes in particular, computer products and services, announcements of fixes and enhancements, product reviews, postings of demo software, and the resulting discussions. Even though the Biz hierarchy isn’t electronic equivalent of a newspaper ad, the hierarchy is specifically intended to carry traffic of a commercial, factual, and technical nature.

Thus, over time some sites operating under restrictions against carrying suck traffic were historically unable to carry the hierarchy. Biz was formed by Karl Denniger in the late 1980’s in response to a rather large net discussion over the proper place for people to post things that were blatantly commercial.

A number of groups have been created under several sub-classifications for the intention to encourage the creation of subgroups. At Fast Usenet you can find all the Biz newsgroups you can handle which are accessible through our web gateway or you can use a newsreader too.

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