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What Are Unlimited Newsgroups?

What is usually meant by the term “unlimited newsgroups,” is access to all the newsgroups that exist in Usenet. Sounds wonderful, you may think. Well it sure does, the only problem is that not all Usenet Service Providers offer their customers access to unlimited newsgroups. It is not difficult to find service providers who offer only 10,000 or 20,000 newsgroups to their customers. That figure may sound impressive to beginning users but unfortunately it is far from the real number of newsgroups that exist in the Usenet community.

How Many Total Newsgroups Exist?

It is hard to say how many total newsgroups exist at any given point in time. New groups get added all the time and some get deleted all the time. While 10,000 is definitely much lower than the number of actual groups out there, 130,000 is probably a bit too high. The total number of all newsgroups has been recently gravitating around the 100,000 figure, indeed.

However, a number of newsgroups that is included in the 100,000 count is comprised of inactive newsgroups – that is newsgroups that are not very actively utilized by users. Those groups are usually almost empty – they can be easily recognized by the extremely low number of articles in them. Often they are full of spam messages but nothing useful.

You may wonder why they are inactive. Usually, that is due to a lack of interest in that group. That is why users should not create new groups before gathering a group of supporters who will use the group when it is created. When no one uses a certain group, most good Usenet providers will delete it from their newsgroup list because it does no one any good but occupies space and makes Usenet cluttered.

Where Can You Find Unlimited Newsgroups?

If you want access to all the active newsgroups that exist (excluding inactive newsgroups with 5 or 10 posts in them), you should consider Fast Usenet. While they provide all newsgroups that exist in Usenet, they do not clutter their servers with inactive groups that only make it harder for you to find the ones you are interested in. You are guaranteed access to all other active newsgroups, however.

They are not limited by censorship or any other criteria – you see all of them without any limitations (except for idle, empty groups of course). Fast Usenet is one of the best providers who offer their members access to all unlimited newsgroups – if there is an active newsgroup you are interested in, chances are Fast Usenet will carry that group regardless of its “controversial” nature, as sometimes deemed by some people.

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